viernes, 11 de mayo de 2012


my grandma birthday XD

lol i used to dress like these :P

when i was a scene

I miss you cupcake


miss those days..

my old hair :(

cool times in school

fly bitch fly

so cute

mi pequeña primita :)


lol that was in the hospital when my mom goes to a surgery i was with she and i was so boring so i take these pic lol :P

lol my whore mouth XD

those days were fun XD

so beautifull ♥

love that puppy ♥

vamos a cotoca :D

un rico sonso en cotoca :)

wedding :)

kinderwhore ♥

i made it on ma polyvore :)


cake ♥


dady :)

with ma dad in the zoo :)

happy meal :9


love u!

with ma best firendo love u vani ♥ :)